Gamar factory for dry and liquid Battery

Located in Soba area in Khartoum, Gamar factory manufactures automotive & tubular batteries under the brand name GRAND. Gamar factory was established in 2014, with the main aim of contributing to the economy of Sudan through locally manufacturing high quality automotive and solar batteries and ultimately reduce Sudan’s reliance on imported products. After conducting extensive research, and enlisting the help of expert technical personnel in the field, the company entered the Battery manufacturing industry.

Gamar manufactures batteries with a power ranging from 40Ah to 200Ah.

Products include

  • Green batteries
  • Dry cell batteries
  • Lead acid automotive batteries
  • Lead acid tubular batteries

Our Vision is to become the leading automotive and solar battery manufacturing company in Sudan and produce high quality, reliable products whilst maintaining responsible business practices that promote environmental and economic growth.


• Manufacture all products at the highest international standards.
• Continuous development and modernization of the production process.
• Provide products that are safe to both customers and the environment
• Continuous evaluation of the product performance and implementation of the necessary adjustments.


• To prioritize environmental safety in all of our operations.
• Adherence to all environmental and administrative regulations in order to reduce environmental degradation and pollution.
• To actively research and implement new methods of operation that promotes the reduction of waste and pollution as much as possible.
• Applying the methods of the waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse and recycle.
• Organizing educational events and seminars to spread environmental awareness.

Solar Batteries

Our solar batteries are intended for both home and business use, we provide affordable, reliable, and clean solar energy, our batteries are available in various sizes therefore can be used a Secondary source of energy or can also be used as a primary source of energy either in homes or business or in rural areas where other sources of energy aren’t available.
Solar Battery Sizes: 1- 100Ah 2- 150Ah 3- 200Ah

Automotive Batteries

Gamar offers high quality and maintenance free batteries Gamar manufactures Green Batteries, Dry Cell Batteries, Lead Acid Automotive Batteries, and Lead Acid Tabular Batteries.
Automotive Battery Sizes:
1- 40Ah 2- 45Ah 3- 50Ah 4- 55Ah 5-60Ah 6-65Ah 70Ah 8- 90Ah 9- 100Ah 10- 120Ah 11- 150Ah 12-170Ah 13- 180Ah 14-200Ah

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