Dinafert for Agricultural Services is a subsidiary of Agropower Industrial group, Dinafert works in several fields within the agricultural industry. Dinafert Products include hybrid seeds, High-quality fertilizers, and safe & effective pesticides. Moreover, Dinafert is also involved in the field of developing irrigation methods by introducing modern systems of irrigation such as pivots and drip irrigation, and it’s also in the field of protected crops by promoting greenhouses and improved seed varieties that are used in these Greenhouses.
Dinafert is the exclusive agent for the following companies:
1-Hefe Xingu Chemical Co. Ltd./ CHINA for pesticides
2- Ranjit Insecticides PTV. Ltd./ INDIA
3- AL-Nukhba for Fertilizers and Veterinary Industries/ Jordan
4-Catalyst Seeds / USA
5-Nature AS. GREECE.

Our Vision is for the Dinafert brand name to be synonymous with excellence and value.


➢To constantly evolve and be up to date with the latest products.
➢To provide a wider range of products to meet different market demands.
➢To achieve profitable growth and organizational excellence without compromising our values and business ethics.


➢We Only deal with reputable brands with proven product quality.
➢We prioritize honesty and transparency with all of our partners and clients
➢We are committed to providing the best service and the highest standards.

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