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Agrobest for Agro-Processing is a Service-based company specializing in the cleaning and sorting of sesame and vegetal seeds, currently located at the heart of in eastern Gadaref and White Nile state.

Agrobest has multiple facilities installed with a capacity of 42 ton/hour seed cleaning potential and a 3 ton/hour sorting potential. With plans to install sesame seed hulling facilities in the near future. Our clientele is comprised of international companies located in China, Turkey, Egypt, KSA, Lebanon, Jordan and more. With warehousing facilities available in most of these countries. The workforce is made up of over 200 employees. We use the latest technology and Modern machinery for cleaning and sorting. Our workforce is made up of professional technicians. We offer services at competitive prices and operate in accordance to our customer’s specifications. Our facilities are located nearby sesame plantation sites which leads to lower transportation cost and efficient operations. 


To achieve global reach through reliability and efficiency.


• Funding agricultural research centers to evolve our methods of operation.
• To become the largest agro-processing based company in Sudan.
• To Continue to evolve and expand to improve our services.


• Our machines are environmentally friendly.
• Our company provides jobs and opportunities to locals in impoverished areas.
• The company helps fund local businesses, hospital/clinics and schools

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